Hello new friends and returning clients!! 

I am so glad you're reading this.  I started my photography adventure in 2009.  Yes, that's the year Abby was born.  Why else would you want to become a photographer, except you were laid off from your current job??  It was a stretch at first.  I bought an entry level camera from Ebay, took some classes from a local camera studio, and offered free sessions in exchange for portfolio images. 

It was a long and bumpy road, but I want to thank all who took that bumpy ride with me!  Wow!  Things can really work out after you study hard, research, and experiment. 

I also joined some online photo forums.  The people I met in the forums were all at different experience levels, but they encouraged me to keep moving forward.  I even met a few of them over the years, photographed for them and some photographed for me.  One, photographed my family and borrowed my best lens at the same time. 

After I felt like I had hit professional level, I rocked it.  It was so fun!!  I had a few assistants over the years, went to millionaire estates and photographed many different people.

I've had so much fun trying new things. But now, I feel like I am at the point, where I would like to provide basic family photography services to friends and family (and close referrals).  My family takes first priority. 

My adventure will continue...  I cant wait to see what comes next!!  Thank you all for your confidence and support.